Helene Beddingfield, RN, ATR, LMFT
Individual, Couple and Family Counseling
About me
     Life experiences can propel us into what  sometimes are very difficult lessons that can leave us stumped for solutions.  I have been married, divorced and then raised my daughters as a single mom.  I came to the decision that I would embark on a second career because of the positive effect therapy had on my life during that difficult time. Therapy for me was like shining a light on a path that I knew I wanted to go down, but was doing a lot of stumbling on my own. Learning to not be so hard on myself was a difficult lesson.  Once I realized that I had been doing the best I could with the information I had at the time and berating myself because I hadn't known better,  helped to free up energy that I had been wasting. I began to see the 360 degree route instead of the tunnel vision that was hampering my progress. It also lightened the load of guilt I carried for putting my daughters through such a tough situation.   I am grateful and proud that  they have grown to be resilient and successful adults with babes of their own. I also have 4 growing grandsons whom I already see benefiting from what my daughters have learned and how they improved on the parenting struggles I experienced back when they were growing up. I like to think that the light I was able to shine on my path paved the way for them too. 
     Looking back at all those "could of, should of, would of" regrets, I can now see that they became  lessons well learned. It is true that you cannot go back and change the past and there is a lot of energy wasted if you spend time having those regrets. Learning how to accept those past challenges as lessons provides sure footing for the present spot on the path where we all actually exist. I am not implying that that realization makes it easy. Therapy is hard work and at times it may feel worse before it feels better, but once you are clear about the way to go and you are able to relinquish the burden of past mistakes-- the going gets better and better. 

Professional Background

License and Certifications
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist # 31582
Registered Art Therapist # 9159
Hypnotherapy Certification
Couples Institute Bader-Pearson's Developmental Model Training
Registered Nurse # 266282
Education and Experience
Private Practice as LMFT since 1991 
MS Counseling and Art Therapy California State University, Sacramento 
BS  Psychology California State University, Sacramento
Art Therapist  at Sutter Center for Psychiatry and Sutter's Children's
        Bereavement  Art Group.
Hypnotherapy Certification California Institute of Health  and Science                Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
RN Philadelphia General Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
RN Primarily in Emergency Services and Advice and during my
        enlistment in the Air Force in L&D and Pediatrics. 
A Premarital Counseling Manual/Family Art Techniques (Master's Thesis) 1990.  Used as text in Family Counseling classes at CSUS.
AATA    American Art Therapy Association 
CAMFT   California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 
AAPM   American Academy of Pain Management